Vision & Values

By using our Vision as our guiding principle in everything we do, we believe we can be an invaluable partner to those who are looking to make a difference.

Our Vision is to be the pre-eminent interconnect partner of the world's leading innovators

Our Mission is to develop and deliver the new generation of interconnect for our customers to realise their ambitions, thereby achieving all stakeholders' expectations.

Our Values


  • We are Proactive We understand our role, anticipate what might be asked of us and act accordingly.  In doing so, we will deliver excellent service and product quality without compromise and build long term relationships with our stakeholders..
    • Think for yourself and think ahead.

    • Understand your commitments and deliver on your promises.

    • Take pride in your actions; they are a key element in the delivery of our Mission.

  • We are Driven -  We strive to improve continuously in all aspects of our role.  By doing this, we will grow, remain relevant and add value to our customers.
    • Be curious – ask questions.

    • Have the courage to speak out and suggest a different approach.

    • Be determined to continually find better ways to perform.

  • We are Open-minded - We welcome new challenges and new opportunities and recognise that solutions may come from unlikely places.
    • Embrace change, this is vital in order to fulfil our Vision.

    • Consider others’ ideas as well as thinking of new ones for ourselves.

    • Encourage everyone to have their say.

    • Recognise that no one person has all the answers.

  • We are Supportive - The performance of the Trackwise Group is first and foremost a team effort.  Recognise that the best results come from working together with all stakeholders.
    • Be trusting, open and honest.

    • Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself.

    • Even the smallest of contributions can help make a difference.

  • We are friendly - We take pride in our company, our workplace, our work, our relationships with our co-workers and our stakeholders.
    • Foster open communication.

    • Listen to others and speak with both respect and understanding.

    • Make the Trackwise Group of companies an organisation you are proud to work for.