We are currently the only approved production PCB manufacturer in the UK for implantable medical devices (US and Australian OEMs / clients)

World-class cleanliness
Our facility features ISO 7 clean-rooms (Class 10,000) which is the largest single PCB clean-room in the UK,withan independant air supply providing HEPA filtered air.

ISO 7 requirements dictate that we control:

  • Viable and non-viable airborne particles
  • Airflow patterns and pressure
  • Temperature and humidity

SCL PCBs are used in:

Patient invasive:  pacemaker and defibrillator; cochlear-implant; arterial sensing; telemetry monitoring; surgical instrument; camera and smart-pills.

Patient external: advanced transradial prosthesis; diagnostic and test equipment ; ultrasound; x-ray; CAT; ECG, MRI.