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Product Range

Basic Product Range Standard Advanced Technical
Single & Double Sided Rigid PCBs x x x
Single & Double Sided Flexible PCBs x x x
Multilayer x x x
Multilayer Flexibles x x x
Multilayer Flexi-rigid x x x
Mixed Dielectric Multilayer x x x
Mixed Dielectric Flexi-rigid Multilayer x x x
Foam Core Antennas x x x


Extended Range Standard Advanced Technical
Metal Backed x x x
Metal Cored x x x
Metal Constrained   x x
Fibre Constrained   x x


Process Technologies Standard Advanced Technical
Blind Via x x x
Buried Via x x x
Resin Filled Thru Vias x x x
Blind µmVias x x x
Buried µmVias x x x
Copper Filled µmVias x x x
Controlled Impedance x x x
Staggered / Stacked µmVias x x x
Embedded Passives   x x
Embedded Devices (CIP)     x