Engineering and Technology Driven (our capability matrix is at the bottom of this page)
Incorporating ISO 7 clean rooms (class 10,000), Laser Direct Imaging, X-Ray and Plasma technologies, we seek opportunities to add value and cut costs without compromise to quality or functionality. Smaller Lighter Faster are electronics industry buzz words, our in-house RF and microwave capability allows the addition of wireless functionality. We are also experienced in high volume micro-module and hybrid PCB manufacture accommodating: flip-chip, µBGA devices, SiP, COF, COB, Cavity, wire-bond and embedded component technologies. With a data-base comprising of thousands of 'production qualified'  builds (including medical implant), we are able to provide experience and technical know-how, to provide you with the right build and material for your products application, environment and commercial success. We also provide 'fast turn-around services' (prototype and volume) also 'leading edge' technologies which include:

  • half-stack builds
  • edge and well-plating
  • multiple stepped cavity
  • back-drilling
  • planar transformers
  • stretch-flex
  • micro-feature-micro-module
  • embedded technologies (active-passive-silicone components, composites, metals and ceramics)

Available Finishes: ENIG; Silver: Hard and Soft Gold; Tin; ENIPIG

PCB materials and technologies
We have multiple process and plating lines dedicated to handling different substrate and material types. We only provide technologies and materials that we have processed and productionised, this portfolio of materials, stock and capability exceeds that of any single-site fabricator in Europe.

Below is a summary of the products, processes and technologies available for you to 'tab' through. NOTE: whilst many of the materials, processes and technologies can be used in combination, there may be compatibility issues in some cases. For advice on material compatibility, process compatibility (or 'leading-edge' manufacture), please contact: Applications Engineering

NOTE: For security reasons  we do not publish the full extent of our capabilities or processes

Production Capabilities: Standard is high yield production; Advanced is reduced yield; Technical is for PCB viability or development (see R&D EEO).

Basic Product Range Standard Advanced Technical
Single & Double Sided Rigid PCBs
Single & Double Sided Flexible PCBs
Multilayer Flexibles
Multilayer Flexi-rigid
Mixed Dielectric Multilayer
Mixed Dielectric Flexi-rigid Multilayer
Foam Core Antennas
Extended Range Standard Advanced Technical
Metal Backed
Metal Cored
Metal Constrained  
Fibre Constrained  
Process Technologies Standard Advanced Technical
Blind Via
Buried Via
Resin Filled Thru Vias
Blind µmVias
Buried µmVias
Copper Filled µmVias
Controlled Impedance
Staggered / Stacked µmVias
Embedded Passives  
Embedded Devices (CIP)    
Materials Standard Advanced Technical
Rigid Laminates FR4 (Hi Tg)
  Cyanate Ester
Flexible Laminates: Polyimide
Thermal Constraint Materials Standard Advanced Technical
Metals: Copper
  Stainless Steel
  Copper-Invar Copper  
  Copper- Molybdenum-Copper  
Laminates: Stablcor *  
Flexible Core Materials Standard Advanced Technical
Dielectric Thickness 50µmm to 152µmm
  178µmm to 305µmm  
  Less than 50µmm  
Copper Cladding 17 to 70µmm
  Less than 17µmm
  Greater than 70um  
Resistive Foils Ticer Foil / OhmegaPly  
Rigid Core Materials Standard Advanced Technical
Dielectric Thickness Greater than 102µmm
  102um to 51um  
  Less than 51um    
Copper Cladding 12 to 70µmm
  Less than 12µmm  
  Greater than 70um  
Resistive Foils Ticer Foil / OhmegaPly Material Type Dependant

Advanced is reduced yield, Technical is for development.

Mechanical Constraints Standard Advanced Technical
Maximum Board Thickness 4.45mm 6.35mm 10.20mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-10% +/-7% +/-5%
Min Thru Hole Size: Mechanical 0.25mm 0.20mm 0.15mm
  Laser 125µm 90µm 60 µm
Maximum Aspect Ratio Thru Holes * 8:1 12:1 16:1
Maximum Aspect Ratio Blind Holes* 0.8:1 1:1 1.3:1
Maximum Board Size: ** mm 572 x 419 572 x 572 > 572 x 572
  mm 560 x 407 561 x 407 635 x 483
  mm 560 x 407 561 x 407 636 x 483
Special Constraints Flex-rigid Standard Advanced Technical
Minimum distance from a PTH hole to the flex/rigid Interface 1.00mm 0.75mm 0.50mm
Minimum distance from Cu Feature to the flex/rigid Interface 0.75mm 0.50mm <0.50mm
Production Tolerances Standard Advanced Technical
Mechanical Holes: Diametric +/-0.100mm +/-0.050mm +/-0.050mm
Postional Hole to PCB Edge +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
  Hole to Hole +/-0.65mm +/-0.050mm +/-0.050mm
  Hole to Image +/-0.10mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
Laser Drilled Holes: Diametric +/-0.050mm +/-0.025mm +/-0.025mm
Postional Hole to PCB Edge +/-0.100mm +/-0.050mm +/-0.050mm
  Hole to Hole +/-0.025mm +/-0.025mm +/-0.025mm
  Hole to Image +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
Mechanical Profiling Linear +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
  Positional +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
  Profile to Image +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
Laser Profiling: Linear +/-0.100mm +/-0.050mm +/-0.050mm
  Positional +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
  Profile to Image +/-0.100mm +/-0.065mm +/-0.050mm
Please Note - the actual achievable tolerance will be detirmined by the combination of the the materials, construction, process technology and product design.

* Calculated on finished hole diameter

** Test Coupons (IPC, Controlled Impedance etc.) significantly reduce the maximum circuit size.

Electrical Test Units Minimum Technical
Continuity / Isolation Volts 10 500
  Amps 3.3mA 3.3mA
Resistance Testing Units Range Tolerance
  Ohms 0-1 +/-2%
Capacitance Testing Units Range Tolerance
  pf - µf 0.1 - 400 +/-5%
Controlled Impedance Standard Advanced Technical
TDR Tolerance (Ohms) 10% 7% 5%
Advanced is reduced yield, Technical is for development.
Planar Resistors Standard Advanced Technical
Resistance Tolerance 25 - 1000 Ohms/sq 15% 10% 5%
AS9100 Certificate Number: FM 53484
ISO 14001 Certificate Number: EMS557384
IPC-A-600 certified trainer Certificate Number: 600-T 8210
IPC-6012, 6013, 6016 class 2 and 3 Manufacture / test in accordance with
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Number: FM 53484
SC 21 Signatory - Implementation 2011
NADCAP In Procress - Implementation 2012
UL V0 rating File Number E107779
Supported Materials
3M C-Ply Taconic PTFE
Arlon FR4, Polyimide, PTFE Ventec FR4, Polyimide
Dupont Flex Polyimides Henkel Epoxy Bond Plys
Grace FR4 Hitachi FR4
Nippon Steel CC Polyimide, LCP Iteq FR4
Rogers Corp PTFE, PET, Peek, Butadiene Nelco FR4, Polyimide
Stablcor Carbon Fibre Composite Neltec PTFE

Advanced is reduced yield, Technical is for development.

Trace & Space Standard Advanced Technical
Minimum Width P&E Base Cu Foil Thickness: 12µm 60µm 50µm < 50µm
Minimum Width Plated 89µm 76µm 60µm
Minimum Space P&E 76µm 60µm 50µm
Minimum Space Plated 102µm 89µm 76µm
Minimum Width P&E Base Cu Foil Thickness: 17µm 76µm 60µm 50µm
Minimum Width Plated 102µm 89µm 76µm
Minimum Space P&E 89µm 76µm 50µm
Minimum Space Plated 102µm 89µm 76µm
Minimum Width P&E Base Cu Foil Thickness: 35µm 102µm 89µm 76µm
Minimum Width Plated 127µm 102µm 89µm
Minimum Space P&E 112µm 102µm 89µm
Minimum Space Plated 127µm 112µm 102µm
Minimum Width P&E Base Cu Foil Thickness: 70µm 127µm 112µm 102µm
Minimum Width Plated 152µm 127µm 112µm
Minimum Space P&E 152µm 127µm 112µm
Minimum Width Plated 229µm 204µm 178µm
Annular Ring & Clearaces Standard Advanced Technical
Pad Annulus to meet the requirements of IPC Class 2* 127µm 102µm 89µm
Pad Annulus to meet the requirements of IPC Class 3* 178µm 152µm 127µm
Micro Via Annulus: Entry pad (Top pad) 112µm 89µm 64µm
  Target Pad (Stop pad) 64µm 52µm 39µm
Drill to Copper Feature - Annular clearance 178µm 152µm 127µm
Pad to Anti-Pad Clearance: Etched layers 127µm 102µm 76µm
  Plated Layers 152µm 127µm 102µm
Copper to board edge Mechcanical 102µm 76µm 51µm
  Laser 76µm 51µm <51µm
* The table above refers to designs based on a single lamination, for designs requiring multiple laminations add an additional 20µm for each additional lamination.
Feature Clearances Standard Advanced Technical
Solder-Mask Annulus 76µm 51µm 25µm
Solder-Mask Dams ENIG / ENIPIG 89µm 76µm -
  Immersion Tin 89µm 76µm -
  Immersion Silver 76µm 62µm -
Ident Clearance (clip) to Solder-mask clearance 50µm 50µm 50µm
Ident Minimum Line Minimum Width 127µm 102µm 102µm

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