Supply and Development Partners

As a foundation for reliability, we use only 'best in class', materials and chemicals in the production of SCL PCBs. Our supply relationships are well-established and valued. We have a market reputation of prompt payment and business transparency, both providing a solid platform for negotiation in order to support the supply and technical requirements of our clients and their program demands.

Beta-Site for new PCB materials                                                                                                                                 As a prime supplier into OEM corporate companies, we have long standing partnerships with a number of market-leading material manufacturers for whom we undertake pre-market product evaluation. Our technical feed-back is used to fine-tune recipes before commercial release and through this work we gain an advanced product capability and our clients, a speed to market 'edge'. NDAs do not allow details of this work to be published, but if required or of interest, we can provide contact details and introductions to our partners: Application Engineering

Technology Development Partners
SCL has technology development partnerships with CETMA COMPOSITES , Brindisi, Italy and CMC LABS (consortium lead), Carovigno, Italy. CMCL develop and produce innovative solutions and devices for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and have client-list featuring many Global Brands. CMCL develops and produces innovative solutions and devices for Wireless Sensors & Actuators Networks (WSAN), also powered by ambient energy sources. CMC LABS client-list includes many Global Brands covering different markets such as industrial; transportation; smart cities, infrastructures and buildings; oil&gas; utilities (water, gas, electricity); medical and military. CMCL is opening new frontiers to enhance productivity, reduce inefficiency and waste, increasing the overall value of the human work and life experience.

UK Technology Development Funding: SCL were awarded a government funded development program: KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership)


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